Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Kingdom

Tonight was amazing. Fairview Baptist Church came to our church for a combined service again. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Fairview, they are a predominantly African-American congregation and they are AMAZING. Their choir sang for us tonight and their pastor spoke. It was a great service, but my favorite part was the end. Their choir and our choir combined and sang a song titled "I Need You, You Need Me." The words are simple, but so beautiful:

I need you, you need me
We're all a part of God's body
Stand with me, agree with me
We're all a part of God's body

It is His will that every need be supplied
You are important to me
I need you to survive

I'll pray for you, you pray for me
I love you, I need you to survive
I won't harm you with words from my mouth
I love you, I need you to survive

The beautiful part of this song is that it is next to impossible to sing it together without feeling moved to wrap your arms around the person next to you, or at least grab their hand. It was a beautiful sight to look around the sanctuary and see people of different races, backgrounds, economic status, etc. holding hands and singing about needing one another. I think Jesse Middendorf put it well when he said that God was looking down on us and telling His angels, "they're starting to catch on." Tonight we experienced a taste of the Kingdom. Let's not let it end with one service - let's live out the Kingdom every day. I need you and you need me. Let's live that way.

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Anonymous said...

twas awesome indeed.