Tuesday, January 8, 2008

La La Land is Over

I started the hard-core training for my job on Monday. I will be enduring this for a month. I have actually learned a lot in the 2 days I have gone so far, which is a plus. The flip side is today was rather depressing and tomorrow is yet to come. Today we talked about sexual abuse and watched an episode of Oprah where she interviewed 3 mothers who had children who had been sexually abused. Very sad. Tomorrow we will be looking at actual pictures of children who have been abused. I want no part of it, but I know I don't have a choice. What kind of sick and twisted world do we live in? It just makes me sick and sad and wishing I could do something. I often wonder what in the world I am doing in a job that has such crazy hours and expectations and depressing stories, then I see the faces of the children we work with or hear the happiness in the voices of the parents who have really worked hard to get their children back and for a split second everything is better. I often have to remind myself that were it not for people like Cara, Brenda, Jenita, myself, and all the other CW workers who are willing to work this crazy job things could be a lot worse. I promise I am not tooting my own horn or trying to make anyone feel guilty - I realize how that last sentence just sounded. It is merely my way of helping myself remember why I do what I do. I am begging you - if you suspect child abuse or neglect, PLEASE report it - you might just save a child's life. 1-800-522-3511

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm a big girl now

I have made 2 "adult decisions" in a week. I bought a car last weekend (it was beyond time - my old one was just about to kick the can) and 3 days later I put a down payment on an apartment. Welcome to the real world. I start the hard-core training for my job on Monday. I am beyond ready for this - I was bored to tears the last 2 or 3 days at work. I am slightly nervous though as going to training means I am one step closer to my own caseload, which scares me silly right now. I have had PLENTY of shadowing experience - I am just nervous about making decisions that will affect so many people's lives. I am thankful for the chance to love on children and make sure someone is watching out for them. It's a brand new year full of opportunites to love, give, and live. Love your neighbors, give of yourself, and live a life of compassion.