Saturday, January 5, 2008

I'm a big girl now

I have made 2 "adult decisions" in a week. I bought a car last weekend (it was beyond time - my old one was just about to kick the can) and 3 days later I put a down payment on an apartment. Welcome to the real world. I start the hard-core training for my job on Monday. I am beyond ready for this - I was bored to tears the last 2 or 3 days at work. I am slightly nervous though as going to training means I am one step closer to my own caseload, which scares me silly right now. I have had PLENTY of shadowing experience - I am just nervous about making decisions that will affect so many people's lives. I am thankful for the chance to love on children and make sure someone is watching out for them. It's a brand new year full of opportunites to love, give, and live. Love your neighbors, give of yourself, and live a life of compassion.

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