Monday, March 10, 2008

You make me smile

So this post will probably be pretty lame, but work today was crazy (what else is new) and I just need a reminder of the things in life that make me happy, therefore this post is more for myself than anything. Without further ado, my "happy list" (in no particular order).

Babies. Laughter. Football. Fall. Beaches. Guitar Hero. Time spent with friends. Serving others. Conversations. The laughter and silliness of children. Family. Animals. Sunny days. Cool summer night drives with the windows down. Music. People. Sauced. Historic neighborhoods. Discovering new things about the city. Having no agenda. Barnes and Noble/Borders/Library reading time. Paint It Yourself Pottery. Getting palm trees in the mail. (at least one person will get this...)

That should do it for now. Sometimes one just has to de-stress.

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